Due to Covid Restrictions and Precautions, this year’s Remembrance Service will again be a smaller and slightly restricted event. It will take place on Sunday 14th November, 2021.


It will start with a reduced parade from Uphall Community Centre to Strathbrock Partnership. Participants will gather at 1.15pm, for a March Off at 1.30pm. Army and RAF Cadets will parade with other groups along with representatives from each of the Youth Groups. There will be no band or schoolchildren taking part. The Schools will have their own Services and Acts of Remembrance.

(Feel free to come out and watch the parade as it marches down the Main Street, to show your support)


The Service of Remembrance will take place at the War Memorial, Strathbrock Partnership, West Main Street, Broxburn, at 2pm. Flag Bearers and Wreath Layers can attend and represent those who have decided not to come along.

It is hoped to record the Service, and make it available via social media, afterwards. This will allow those who cannot, or decide not to attend, to join us in Remembrance.

Although the Service is outside, please maintain a Social Distance from other persons attending. It is not compulsory to wear a face covering, but please feel free to do so if you wish to. Remember some of those attending, will be in the slightly mature, age group.

No hymn sheets will be distributed, please bring a bible if you wish to join in the singing. No refreshments will be available at The Partnership, after the Service.
The War Memorial Group have worked to organise a Service that will Remember and Honour the Fallen, whilst trying to keep everyone that attends safe and well.

Broxburn, Uphall and District War Memorial Group

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