Stone Ball at Uphall Cemetery

A few months ago, residents may have noticed work being done at the entrance to Uphall Cemetery.  The work was to reduce the height of the entrance columns and to remove the stone balls from the top of the columns.

Members of Uphall Community Council have engaged with the Cemeteries Department so that a permanent location for the stone balls, preferably in Uphall Cemetery, could be found.

However, the Cemeteries Officer of West Lothian Council has informed us that the red sand stone balls have gone missing and that it has been reported to the police.  Below is a photo taken when one was blown off its pillar to show size – approx. 36 to 40 cm in diameter.

If anyone knows of their location now or has relevant information, please contact the police quoting crime ref number is CR/005333/22.

Stone Ball at Uphall Cemetery

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